Wednesday evening owls. Lawrence Wilkerson: ‘Countless warfare is a disastrous (however worthwhile) enterprise’

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Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is distinguished adjunct professor of presidency and public coverage on the School of William and Mary. Amongst his many duties in three a long time in the U.S. Military, he served as chief of employees to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. At Accountable Statecraft, he writes—Countless Struggle is a Disastrous (However Worthwhile) Enterprise:

[…] Why do presidents make such disastrous choices like Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and, tomorrow maybe, Iran?

President Dwight Eisenhower answered this query, largely, in 1961: “We must not ever let the load of this mixture [the military-industrial complex] endanger our liberties or democratic processes. … Solely an alert and educated citizenry can compel the right meshing of the massive industrial and army equipment of protection with our peaceable strategies and targets.”

Merely acknowledged, as we speak America shouldn’t be composed of an alert and educated citizenry, and the Advanced that Eisenhower so exactly described is in truth, and in methods not even Eisenhower might have imagined, endangering our liberties and democratic processes. The Advanced creates the “bias” that President Obama described.  Furthermore, as we speak the U.S. Congress fuels the Advanced — $738 billion this 12 months plus an unprecedented slush fund of virtually $72 billion extra — to the extent that the Advanced’s writ on warfare has turn out to be inexhaustible, ever-lasting, and, as Eisenhower additionally stated, “is felt in each metropolis, each state home, each workplace of the Federal authorities.”

With respect to the “alert and educated citizenry,” an end result not solely within the long-term attributable to correct training however within the short-to-medium time period principally inculcated by a accountable and succesful “Fourth Property,” there’s an abysmal failure as nicely.

The Advanced for many of its nefarious functions owns the media that issues, from the nation’s newspaper of file, The New York Occasions, to its capital metropolis’s fashionable organ, The Washington Submit, to the monetary group’s banner paper, The Wall Road Journal. All of those papers for essentially the most half by no means met a choice for warfare they didn’t like. Solely when the wars turn out to be “countless” do a few of them discover their different voices — after which it’s too late. […]



“There could also be instances once we are powerless to stop injustice, however there must not ever be a time once we fail to protest.” ~~Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize lecture (1986)



At Day by day Kos on this date in 2017—Kellyanne Conway goes on bonkers rant, requires Trump’s media critics to be fired:

Kellyanne Conway continues to be a manufacturing facility for a mind-boggling mixture of ridiculous nonsense and terrifying nonsense. On Fox Information Sunday, Donald Trump’s high non-Ivanka girl assailed the media for mentioning that final week she described blatant lies as “various details”—gosh, why would that draw discover, particularly when it’s such an ideal assertion of how your boss plans to control?—then launched right into a rant about how media figures who criticized Trump must be fired:

Not one community particular person has been let go. Not one foolish political analyst and pundit who talked smack all day lengthy about Donald Trump has been let go. They’re on panels each Sunday. They’re on cable information every single day.  

Yeah, humorous, being important of a politician—even of the president—shouldn’t be a firing offense in a rustic with a free press. Which the US nonetheless technically is, although apparently not for lengthy if Conway will get her method. I imply, she actually thinks folks must be fired for having insulted the person within the tackily gilded tower.

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